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About Skeleton Crew

*NOTE: Our guild has moved to  Please apply at if you are interested in joining our guild*

About us:

Skeleton Crew is a friendly and mature guild focused on progression, comprised largely of working adults. Our goal is to defeat all hard mode encounters while keeping a real-life-friendly 16 hours-per-week schedule. Skeleton Crew was formed in December 2006, and has been active in top-tier progression content continuously for the past 4 years. We believe that talented players who cannot or do not want to raid endless hours every day still deserve a high-quality raiding experience.

Our core members are people who enjoy and take pride in excelling at the game, but also think there's more to this game than raiding. As such, the guild is very active both in and out of raiding times. A lot of us like to take the time outside of raiding to play alts, or play battlegrounds, or work on achievements; we also have many accomplished arena players.

Since we are a guild that caters to adults, most of our members are over the age of 20, and we enjoy a very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration. We are always on the lookout for dedicated raiders that have the skills to progress, but also enjoy friendly, zero drama raiding.

25M Raiding Schedule: Tues, Weds, Thurs and Sun 9PM-1AM PST

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